Nantucket Installation

We wrapped us 2013 with a couple of fabulous installations!!!

A fave for all of us was our Nantucket client who wanted a comfortable, serene living room with lots of seating to catch a great game on TV, while enjoying enjoy their spectacular wrap around water views.

The results were fantastic! Light and airy woven shades, sumptuous sectional and club chair, colorful dining chairs and pillows came together beautifully.

It was a bonus to be on island just before Christmas, as the island readied for The Stroll!

All the best!

Kristen, Netty and Kathy

stpierre4 stpierre2-200x150[1]stpierre3stpierre6stpierre1



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Janus et Cie Dinner

Robin loved being a guest of Janus et Cie at an intimate dinner party hosted in their showroom at the Boston Design Center. Robin was delighted to sit next to Mark Hutker, one of our favorite architects. Janice Feldman, CEO of Janus et Cie was her gracious host for the evening. We love incorporating their beautiful line of outdoor furniture. It’s always inspiring to meet the creator of the linewe use so enthusiastically. Guests enjoyed an incredible four course dinner prepared by Boston’s own, Barbara Lynch. Here’ a peek at the stunning outdoor furniture and fabrics Janus et Cie are showing in their latest collection. Wow!


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Look What I Found!!

Cannot believe that some genius finally came up with this! Change out your recessed lights for hanging pendants! All you do is unplug bulb, screw in new plug that is attached to a cap and the actual light fixture and voila! There is a little mechanism where you can adjust the height of the fixture too. Because I was so frightened and excited about this, I called Sherman (handyman/carpenter) to install. Three new hanging pendants in 15 minutes…transforming! Can you imagine putting semi flush schoolhouse pendants in your kitchen to replace your recessed?

caged pendant 1ecf9e97100ff8e57913d639d8fe9c0d 7c01165cdf0a8f947bca6cd3a6cfb605 30bb40ab9167ecba4017acc004551f78


All of these fixtures are available at the Home Depot and priced under $100! Find them here and order them now… a great budget friendly update for your home in time for the Holidays!!

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Summer Lovin’


Side view of spectacular summer residence we are working on!


All are in attendance!


Construction is coming along!

photo collage 2


photo collage

Magnificent infinity pool and a spectacular view!





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Labor of Love

This gorgeous Martha’s Vineyard carriage house apartment could not have come together so beautifully without a lot of elbow work from Robin herself and the team. As my first installation ever, I was put to hard work making up the bunk beds, and lugging boxes up and down stairs. By the end of the day I was dripping in sweat…I though this was supposed to be a glamorous job! Check out the chaos behind the scenes as well as the stunning result.

What a mess!

Robin putting John Robshaw bedding on one of the lower bunk.

More John Robshaw textiles are available at Robin’s Nest.

photo 4

Robin putting her finishing touches on the room.

Suzanne and I tidying up the odds and ends.

Suzanne setting up this awesome Dunes and Duchess lamp.

Come by Robin’s Nest to see more Dunes and Duchess lamps!

TA-DA! A beautiful guest room for four after a fun summer’s day in Martha’s Vineyard.


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Shake it up!

New to Robin’s Nest – the Mason Shaker. With Spring here and Summer approaching we can practically taste the margaritas that will pour from this unique, southern-inspired bar tool. Perfect for a backyard bbq, a ride on the boat or as a fun hostess gift!

If you’re not in the mood for a cool summery cocktail already, this should do it!:


Wild Apple And Sage Cocktail

For the sage simple syrup:

1/2 cup water

1/2 cup sugar

1 small hand-full of fresh sage leaves

Bring the water and sugar to a simmer on the stove, in a pot. Once the sugar-water mixture begins to simmer, remove from heat. Stir in the sage leaves, and allow to steep for a few hours.

To make one Wild Apple and Sage Cocktail, you will need:

Three or four fresh sage leaves


2 Tbs sage simple syrup

2 oz Absolut Wild Tea vodka (or plain vodka)

Club soda

Small green apple, sliced thin

First, slice the whole apple super thin. I like the keep the apple whole and slice, just because I think they’re really pretty that way. Press the sage leaves together with two slices of apple and a squeeze of the lemon, in the bottom of a mason jar, using a muddler or a wooden spoon. Add the sage syrup. Fill the jar with crushed ice.

Pour in the vodka and stir. Top it off with club soda, and garnish with a couple more apple slices and maybe another sprig of sage, just to be over-the-top.

The flavor here is light and delicate, with lots of different layers. You have the sweet but sort of smoky sage syrup, the crisp but subtle apple, just a little tartness from the lemon, and of course that great elderflower note from the Wild Tea vodka.





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Dunes and Duchess now at Robin’s Nest!!!

Photographer, Michael Partenio along with editor and stylist, Stacy Kunstel have dreamed up a line of wildly romantic designs for the home, a line we HAD to have here at Robin’s Nest… Introducing: Dunes and Duchess… From tables and chairs to candelabras, lamps and sconces, the boldly colored and cleverly turned pieces scream with style. Each one a statement piece, which every home needs! Check them out here…



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A treat for your best friend…

We’re crazy about the recent newsletter from House Beautiful about dogs in designer rooms.

Too cute! We love treating our pooches like they’re part of the family! That’s why we ordered these adorable dog toys from Harry Barker. Made from rope, the fashionable and fun toys are shaped into starfish and seahorses along with the traditional bone and pull toys. They are of the highest quality and environmentally friendly. Nothing is too good for our best friends! – come down to Robin’s Nest and grab a treat for yours before they are all gone.


dogs on danish modern furniture

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ceiling fan fans…

The ceiling fan.

Some are willing to sacrifice the comfort of a steady, soft indoor breeze in order to maintain what they believe is good taste. While we understand an aversion to that 1980′s eyesore with its four cluster tulip light kit attached, we also understand the benefits of a modern day ceiling fan. These fans are not just smart, they’re great looking – in some cases can make a room! – plus, with modern day engineering most of these fans operate like a plane propeller and are powerful enough to cool down a room without the help of AC! Lucky for us, we’ve come across quite a few of these up-to-date ceiling fans in our design journeys. Check some examples out below…

Pellisier MV 10 11 bedroom 7


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